Justin Evans, Esq.

Justin is a litigator who practices at the law firm of KluzEvans LLC and helps his clients navigate issues that may lead to, or have resulted in, litigation. Chan, PLLC works closely with Justin when disputes arise during the estate planning process that may require court intervention or litigation.

Justin prides himself on his ability to work closely with his clients to develop goal-oriented litigation strategies and on executing those strategies to achieve the best outcome in the most cost-effective way.

Justin has extensive experience helping his clients resolve their litigation matters, including trust and estate matters, commercial and business disputes, insurance coverage matters, employment law, and a wide variety of other civil litigation issues.

Justin strongly believes that great attorney-client partnerships lead to great outcomes in litigation. Accordingly, he strives to develop a keen understanding of his clients’ wants, needs, and goals so his clients can rest easy knowing they have an advocate on their side who is as invested as they are.