About Us

Carlson Estate Planning is a full service estate planning firm.  We believe estate planning is a process designed to improve the quality of life for your loved ones.  Estate planning empowers you to control how your assets are used in the event of an illness and how your assets are passed to future generations.Our firm emphasizes client counseling and education regarding how your estate plan works and what actions to take during your lifetime to assure that your estate plan performs in the future.

Our commitment to quality service provides a higher level of client support than other estate planning firms.  Our estate plans are designed and supported to successfully accomplish your goals.

Our philosophy emphasizes well drafted estate planning documents, customized to the unique needs and circumstances of your loved ones.  Beyond quality legal documents, we are committed to providing assistance with the mechanics that make your plan work. This administrative and educational emphasis helps to ensure that your estate planning goals are achieved.

Clayton W. Chan, Esq.

Amy S. York, Esq.
Of Counsel

Cathy Currier

Marcia Lee
Legal Assistant

Kaitlin Meilert
Legal Assistant

Heidi Tunberg,
Legal Assistant

Sara J. Wendt Ibtesam
Legal Assistant

Kevin C. Lanigan, Esq.,